1. Payment and Cash Management

Payment and Cash Management

Flexible payment solutions with high transparency. Kube Data offers a complete solution for handling payments on sale.

Kube POS (Point-of-Sale) brings together an overview of payments and receipts in one place.

Integration to the cash machine, payment terminals, mobilepay & Swipp well as internet payment eliminates the risk of errors and gives customers new opportunities for easy and self-service payment.

When the sale is terminated can be automatically transferred to the financial system.

We support

  • Cash machines
  • MobilePay & Swipp
  • Payment card terminals
  • Internet payment
  • Opus & Prism

Other Focus Areas

Solutions that combine focus areas reap the greatest rewards

  • Løsning for Pas og Kørekort
    Solution for Passport and Driver's License
  • Biometri og Sikkerhed
    Biometrics and Security
  • Effektiv Sagsbehandling
    Effective Case Management
  • Interaktive Løsninger
    Interactive Solutions

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