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Interactive Solutions

Interactive Solutions has gained ground in many places in the public space. Kube Data develops many different types of solutions that can stand alone and function as part of a comprehensive solution.

The role of interactive solutions is also growing all the time. Today, a number system must be connected to the appointment and the self-service stand is expected to guide the user throughout the process.

We have extensive experience with a wide range of different solutions in both citizen service, library and in private companies.

Our existing products can solve a wide range of different needs, and we are happy to help put together or develop a very unique solution.

Solution Types

  • Numbering system
  • Self-service
  • Co-service
  • Find your way
  • Physical & Online

Other Focus Areas

Solutions that combine focus areas reap the greatest rewards

  • Løsning for Pas og Kørekort
    Solution for Passport and Driver's License
  • Biometri og Sikkerhed
    Biometrics and Security
  • Effektiv Sagsbehandling
    Effective Case Management
  • Betaling og Kontanthåndtering
    Payment and Cash Management

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