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Peace of Mind

  • Vindmøller
    Reliability must be considered
    from design to deployment
    Read below about how we ensure the reliability of all our solutions

The CEO comments

The safety of our deliveries is at the heart of our business. That is why it is thought of from the design of the solution to ongoing maintenance.

  • 100% uptime

    Peace of mind

    Most people rely on a smooth operation. From the citizen who must have his or her passport or driver's license before the summer holidays, to employees and politicians who feel dissatisfaction with faulty technology before anyone else. Kube Data's foremost task is to have the most stable solutions on the market.

  • Many years of operations experience

    Good operations is the opposite of fighting fires.

    Monitoring and constant improvements are the most important tools to ensure stable operation. Our monitoring systems monitor both internal and external systems so that we can correct problems before customers experience them, or inform if the problem is external.

  • The help is there right away

    Remote support and rapid deployment

    We see any issues or errors as an opportunity to make our solutions better. The vast majority of challenges can be met immediately and often with the use of our on-screen sharing system. If the accident happens, we can react day by day or faster, as by agreement.

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