1. Effective Case Management

Technology for People

Effective Case Management

Kube Data is a software house based on digitized civil service. Our goal is to free people from trivial and complex processes so that together we save time, avoid mistakes and use the human competencies where they do the most good.

We provide solutions in biometrics, case management and citizen self-service, with a philosophy of creating operational security with respect for both professionals and citizens.

The keywords are stability, transparency and a simple workflow.

Technology is worth nothing in itself. But technology really benefits when it solves tasks quickly, safely and unobtrusively, so the focus is instead on meeting with the citizen.

Other Focus Areas

Solutions that combine focus areas reap the greatest rewards

  • Løsning for Pas og Kørekort
    Solution for Passport and Driver's License
  • Biometri og Sikkerhed
    Biometrics and Security
  • Interaktive Løsninger
    Interactive Solutions
  • Betaling og Kontanthåndtering
    Payment and Cash Management

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