1. Biometrics and Security

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Biometrics and Security

In a global society where mobility and security must go hand in hand, reliable solutions are needed that at the same time give us all the flexibility we need.

Kube Data collaborates with Swedish Speed Identity, a leader in the biometrics recording market.

That's why Kube Data offers cutting-edge biometric stations that meet the highest international standards in ergonomics, design, security and data quality.

To safeguard the devices, a lot of data power has been invested and the data processing is in line with ISO, ICAO, BMS / NIST standards for respectively photo and fingerprints.

We offer

  • Standalone biometristation
  • Wall-hung biometristation
  • Self-service photo station
  • Mobile suitcase solution

Other Focus Areas

Solutions that combine focus areas reap the greatest rewards

  • Løsning for Pas og Kørekort
    Solution for Passport and Driver's License
  • Biometri og Sikkerhed
    Biometrics and Security
  • Interaktive Løsninger
    Interactive Solutions
  • Betaling og Kontanthåndtering
    Payment and Cash Management

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